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SIG is a global packaging company, manufacturing packaging materials for a variety of industries. You may not have heard of us, but we guarantee you’ve interacted with our products, which are used around the world in dispensing everything from soda, smoothies, and coffee, to baby and childrens’ food. We engineer packaging solutions that are reduce waste and prolong shelf life for many different markets. Our products are made around the globe—not so we can produce cheaper elsewhere, but to effectively serve and produce right in the markets where we operate.

Stability and Opportunity to Grow.

At SIG, we offer a unique combination of development, collaboration, and entrepreneurial freedom, enabling our people to deliver better and create lasting value for customers, for consumers, and for the world.

Our culture of striving for better celebrates an inclusive and diverse environment that encourages SIGers to grow and realize their potential through approachable leadership, continuous learning, and international development opportunities. Strong partnerships, teamwork, and customer-centricity are key values.

We strive to be a driving force for better by empowering employees to challenge the status quo, encouraging innovation and to work with an entrepreneurial mindset, delivering packaging solutions that give more to the people and the planet than they take out.


At this moment we don't have any offers available, but you can send us your CV. Thank you very much for considering us for your professional growth.

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