Packaging systems and solutions for better.

At SIG, we stand for better; delivering better for customers, for consumers, and for the world. Join us on this journey.

Striving for better is at the core of everything we do. It inspires us to create the most sustainable packaging solutions across categories and channels.

It inspires us to deliver innovative and flexible solutions, to pioneer technology, and to ultimately help transform customers’ business for the better.

It inspires us to work in partnership with our customers to bring food and beverage products to consumers in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way. Sustainability guides us, technology empowers us, but it’s the passion and drive of our people that truly enable us to deliver better.

SIG – for better.

Why choose spouted pouch packaging

Spouted pouch packaging offers benefits in terms of sustainability, due to its structure and characteristics, and more efficient use of resources.

Maximized<br /> performance


due to unrivalled quality engineers

Less raw-material

Less raw-material

and natural resources used during production. Optimized product - to - pack ratio

Less energy

Less energy

required during production and transportation

Less<br />transportation


required, more efficient logistics

Less<br />food waste

food waste

Prolonged shelf life and portioning.

Less<br />waste


before recycling

Machine Solutions.

The widest range of machines you will find in the market to form fill and seal beverages, food, pharma, cosmetic, homecare and chemical products. Sure at SIG we have the ideal solution for your packaging needs, including cartoning and case packing. Explore our solutions.

Outstanding Shapes.

View our Pouches & Sachets.

Our machines are equipped to shape the pouches and sachets, to enable your brand to stand-out. Outstanding shapes, charming designs, spouts, special applications… At SIG we make it possible.

The Value of Choosing SIG: One-Stop Solution.

Film, Fitment, and Equipment working seamlessly together.

The range and quality of our machines is what makes us highly appreciated machine builders. The reliability of the products and the innovation introduced by Scholle IPN are proof of the value proposition which we offer. Combined, we have the unique ability to serve customers in every aspect involved in packaging.

Our Total Packaging Solution seamlessly integrates consumables, equipment, and technical services. The result is not just unrivaled convenience for you, it is also increasing efficiency, quality and reliability. In so doing we’re capable of helping you optimise production to the fullest.

OEE - We Guarantee Unrivaled Overall Equipment Efficiency With Our Consumables.

Our R&D efforts are globally aligned, and combining the valuable knowledge coming from our film, fitment and equipment experts, empowers us to have a 360° perspective surrounding packaging. Our consumables are developed to work seamlessly together, and converted on our own equipment; guaranteeing an unrivaled overall equipment efficiency.

TCO - We Guarantee the Total Cost of Ownership.

The price of film, fitment, and equipment combined empowers our customers to elaborate a total cost of ownership, which we guarantee because we produce and manufacture all internally in our production sites.

Quality - We Guarantee Product and Service Quality.

Every time we develop a new fitment, or a new film structure, it is tested and trialed on our packaging machines. Subsequently, they are exposed to several types of quality controls, conducted in our in-house quality lab. We adopt a scientific approach to our research and development, providing us a competitive and quality advantage in the market. These advantages are most definitely reflected in the quality of our offering.

Lead/Delivery Time - We Guarantee Competitive Lead/Delivery Times.

Being in control of multiple aspects in the supply chain of packaging, we can optimise the supply chain and therefore guarantee more competitive delivery and lead times.

Service – We Guarantee All-Around Expert Service.

Because we are involved in both equipment and consumables, our technical assistance is more comprehensive and considers packaging with a 360° perspective. This also makes our customer service closer to your needs and aligned with your operations.

Relationship – Development of Long-Lasting Beneficial Relationships.

We strive to establish long-lasting beneficial relationships with our customers, and our main objective is to deliver the ideal packaging solution, free from hassle and designed for success.

Accountability – Whenever Our Help is Needed, We Will Be There for You.

If you think about these and other benefits, everyone should be able to agree that having one place for each event to call will ultimately improve everyone’s situation, eliminate errors and omissions, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Convenience – One-Shop Concept, We Will Take Care of All Your Packaging Needs.

By taking responsibility over the aspects involved in your packaging, we will be your point of contact in case you might need assistance and service. Our all-around packaging knowledge enables us to solve multiple packaging related issues at the same time. We understand that customers do not want the hassle of having to contact multiple departments to sort out their requirements.

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