Aseptic Packaging

Committed to sustainability and concerned about our ecosystem’s carbon footprint, we contribute to the preservation of the environment by installing in our machines the latest technology to reduce energy consumption and film waste, and actively engage in Recyclable packaging solutions.

Aseptic Packaging Reduces Energy Consumption.

Aseptic technology expands potential for fresh products by freeing you from the cost, logistics, and energy restraints of cold chain. Provide preservative-free products that stay fresh up to 12 months on the shelf—no refrigeration needed. By utilizing aseptic packaging technology, you can reduce your reliance on cold chain logistics and decrease your energy consumption by up to 70%.

Aseptic technology.

Our Aseptic Technology has been globally appreciated and utilized to enable producers to pack their products. The system starts with a sterile skid in the feeder. This skid manages the system’s sterile steam, air and nitrogen. It also manages the Vapor hydrogen peroxide which Scholle IPN defines as VST (Vapor sterilant technology), a patented system which guarantees the sterility in the filling process.

The Aseptic process for pouches.

Pre-sterilized pouches on rails are indexed in the VST tunnel. This tunnel contains vapor hydrogen peroxide.

The Aseptic process for bag-in-box.

Pre-sterilized bags  are indexed in the VST tunnel. This tunnel contains vapor hydrogen peroxide.

Our Aseptic Pouch.

The Plug system guarantees an improved hermetic seal and therefore sterility of the product

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