Scholle IPN Acquires Flexible Packaging Equipment Manufacturer, Bossar

NORTHLAKE, IL – Scholle IPN, a leading global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, announced today that they have completed the purchase of Bossar, a global supplier of flexible horizontal form-fill-seal packaging equipment.

The new business combination will leverage the combined capabilities of both businesses to provide one stop shopping for vertically integrated, sustainable solutions for the global flexible packaging market.

Ross Bushnell, President and CEO of Scholle IPN, said of the combination, “This is an important next step in our continued evolution toward becoming a truly indispensable provider of total packaging solutions to our customers around the world.” Mr. Bushnell continued, “While the two companies have worked together for some time, the formal combination not only strengthens our global equipment footprint but it also allows for even stronger collaboration within our teams around the world. Our mission is to be Simply Flexible in all that we do and the combination of these two great businesses will enable that mantra as we achieve our goal of being a world leader in film, fitments, and equipment to the global liquid packaging market.”

Jeroen van der Meer, Managing Director of Scholle IPN in EMEA, and CEO of Bossar, stated, “The goal of Scholle IPN has always been to create lightweight, environmentally-conscious flexible packaging solutions for the circular economy. By combining Bossar and Scholle IPN, we are able to truly focus our development activity to provide leading edge technologies that enable us to manufacture a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.” Mr. van der Meer added that, “Already today, our products provide sustainable solutions through substantial reductions in packaging weight while extending shelf-life, reducing energy consumption and minimizing food waste.”

The company will retain the Bossar brand and will continue to utilize Bossar’s operational headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and their manufacturing facility in India. The combined business has operations across Europe, Russia, China, India, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada and the United States.

For more information about Scholle IPN and Bossar, please visit their websites at: and


Scholle IPN is a global leader in total flexible packaging solutions like barrier films, ergonomic fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for bag-in-box and pouches. With a total packaging solutions approach, Scholle IPN can quickly design, manufacture, and deliver unique solutions to customers who provide over one-hundred billion servings of food and beverage each year to their consumers.


Bossar is a global leader in design and manufacture of horizontal form-fill-seal equipment for production of flexible packaging formats like spouted pouches, zippered pouches, and sachets. Bossar’s focus on total packaging solutions includes protecting and delivering products with as little waste as possible, securing an important place within the circular economy.

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