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“Approximately one-third of the total amount of food produced in the world ends being waste. And with just one-fourth of this amount, hunger could be erased” – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Reel & Innovation, a food company located in the South-east of Spain, in the region of Murcia, has accomplished to introduce an innovating food product that aims to reduce and fight malnutrition globally. Giving birth to Nutripeople, a project that commits to this objective by recovering wasted food products, and successfully re-processing it into a new edible. Nutripeople is a mash consisting of fruits, vegetable proteins and vitamins. Which results in a superfood that improves the daily nutritional intake of nutrients for people that are unfortunately deprived of food resources. The end-product is meant to enter the distribution chains of humanitarian organisations, UN agencies and governments in countries where access to food resources is a daily issue for people.

Bossar is proud to announce that its involvement as a technological partner has allowed for the realization of this project. Nutripeople is now equipped with Bossar´s BMS 2.2 full servo machine. Belonging to the highest quality range of machinery in the sector, the servo engines allow for an independent operation between the different stations, offering great reliability and little maintenance. This specific BMS 2.2 works in duplex format with hot-fill technology, maintaining in the entire process a product filling temperature of 92 °C and performing an approximate output of 100-110 pouches per minute.  Nutripeople´s end-product is packed in a flexible Doypack spout-less pouch, with bottle-neck shaped top sealing, contributing to a practical dispensing property and reduced material usage. Therefore, reflecting and supporting Nutripeople´s “Zero Waste” commitment.


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