Machinery Range.

We understand that each customer has its own specific needs and requirements. Our wide range of machinery assures finding the ideal packaging solution. Explore our SIG Pouch Maker models.

SIG Pouch Maker

The ideal solution for producing Pre-Made spouted pouches


  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Shape pouches possibilities
  • Changeover flexibility


  • Quantity of film
  • Total cost of Ownership
  • Energy consumption


Horizontal Form & Seal machine. Highest quality spouted pouches.

Increase speed and improve the quality without compromising on efficiency.

For changeover flexibility with shaped pouches.

By increasing the efficiency, and lowering the energy and film consumption, we offer a more attractive total cost of ownership.

  • 1 flat_with_3_side_seal
    Flat 3-side seal
  • 2 flat_with_4_side_seal
    Flat 4-side seal
  • 3 twin_sachets
    Twin sachets
  • 4 string_sachets
    String sachets
  • 5 flat_with_eurohole
    Flat with eurohole
  • 6 flat_with_display_perf
    Flat with display perforation
  • 7 flat_with_partial_shape
    Flat with partial shape
  • Flat with valve
  • 9 flat_with_total_shape
    Flat with total shape
  • 10 wet_wipes
    Wet wipes
  • 11 flat_with_shaped_top_sides
    Flat with shaped top sides
  • Gusset bottom
  • 21 stand_up
    Stand up
  • Stand up with top shape
  • Stand up with shaped top seal
  • Stand up with pouring shape
  • Stand up with shaped top sides
  • Stand up with side shape
  • Stand up with jar shape
  • Stand up with total shape
  • 29 stand_up_with_inclined_sides
    Stand up with inclined sides
  • 30 stand_up_with_handle_and_corner_valve
    Shaped stand up with handle and corner valve
  • 31 shaped_stand_up_with_top_valve
    Shaped stand up with top valve
  • 32 stand_up_with_total_shape_and_top_valve
    Stand up with total shape and top valve
  • 33 stand_up_with_top_valve
    Stand up with top valve
  • 34 stand_up_with_corner_valve
    Stand up with corner valve
  • 35 stand_up_with_front_valve
    Stand up with front valve
  • 36 stand_up_with_valve_and_side_handle
    Stand up with valve and side handle
  • 37 stand_up_with_recloseable_zipper
    Stand up with reclosable zipper
  • Slide zipper
  • Stand up with spray valve
  • Stand up with straw inside
  • 41 stand_up_with_straw_outside
    Stand up with straw outside
  • 42 stand_up_with_side_handle
    Stand up with side handle
  • 43 stand_up_with_top_handle
    Stand up with top handle
  • 44 stand_up_with_laser_cut
    Stand up with laser cut

  • HMI Display. Included instruction manual and troubleshooting.

    Total Shape. Enabling the machine to produce pouches with big varities of shapes.

    Parallel motion vertical sealing bars. Enables for improved sealing quality and easier maintenance.

    SIG Pouch Maker in action.

    SIG Pouch Maker Technology.

    Full servo motion, Walking beam, Mirror machine

    Full servo motion

    This smart servo-control system allows independent operation between the different stations, offers great reliability and little maintenance.

    Walking beam

    Traditional walking beam transport system consisting of beams and grippers. They hold the pouches and transport them through the different stations, from the pouch forming to the pouch closing.


    Sterilization of premade pouches and film from reel by means of an autoclave. Retort machines are suitable to fill low-acidity food like pet food, fish, liquid soups, sauces, gravies, precooked meals, vegetables, pâté.

    Clean & ultraclean

    Clean and Ultraclean levels achieved are achieved during packaging by means of laminar flow, U.V. lamps and/or hydrogen peroxide. These applications are required to fill fruit juice, compote, yogurt and dairy products.

    Mirror machine

    Placing one standard machine in front of the other operating the opposite direction makes operating easier and reduces staff required to control them.

    Pre-made pouches

    Option to fill the different products in pre-made pouches supplied from a pouch feeder with great capacity.

    SIG Pouch Maker Sealing options.

    Heat seal, Ultra Sonic, Induction

    Heat Seal

    Heat Seal

    • Based on electric resistance.
    • Easy engineering, simple maintenance.
    Ultra Sonic

    Ultra Sonic

    • Based on ultra-sound frequency.
    • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
    Induction Seal

    Induction Seal

    • Based on electromagnetic resistance.
    • Seal and cool at the same step, enabling packaging for a circular economy.
    More about sealing options

    SIG Pouch Maker Operational drawing.

    Pouch making, without filling

    1. Double film reel (up to 600 mm. diameter)

    2. Pouch bottom perforators

    3. Film tensioning and buffering system

    4. Film splicing table

    5. Servo-driven film unwind

    6. Forming plough

    7. Bottom seal

    8. 1st and 2nd vertical seal

    9. Seal cooling plate

    10. Photocell for print registration

    11. Servo-driven film transport

    12. Pouch cutting unit

    13. Pouch opening & bottom blowing

    14. 1st filling station

    15. 2nd filling station

    16. Pouch stretching station

    17. Top seal

    18. Cooling station

    19. Rejected pouch discharge

      Optional: Valves

    20. Corner cutting die

    21.  Valve insertion

    22. Valve seal

    23. Valve feeder

    Technical features

    For technical information, please contact us at:

    +34 93 729 77 30



    Keep it simple. Get your pouches and fill them with your product. Pouches on Rail systems provide brands with a low-barrier entry to the spouted pouch market compared to form-fill-seal operations.

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