ANUGA 2018
Cologne 20-23 march 2018


For the first time, BOSSAR PACKAGING, S.A. will participate at ANUGA FOODTECH 2018. Located in Hall 07, booth B100.

BOSSAR will present the new CleanPouchTM Portfolio for Food & Beverage Applications together with Sister Company ScholleIPN.
For years Bossar has produced several size equipment in Clean format, for Hot Filling fruits’ mix, for Cold Filling dairy preparations and drinking yogurts, and, for Retorting Filling baby foods. Bossar presents itself as a total technology provider for spouted pouch Filling Systems including a total shape horizontal making machine with Top Spout application and a pouch forming machine synchronized for filling through the spout.

During the show different Case Hystories could be analyzed with our experts either on FFS (Form-Fill & Seal) as on Premade Clean Pouch TM Filler.

This last concept dates from the patent of a revolutionary spout (Total Aseptic) which can grant the use of presterilized pouches provided by SIPN with the simplest design and smallest footprint for an Aseptic Filler provinding the highest reliabity for a speed of around 100 pouches per minute (based on 100 ml).

For higher performances, Bossar designs and manufactures, a variety from simplex to quadruplex form fill seal machines with top spout applicator, totally powered by servo engines, that manufacture and fill spouted pouches with total shape, in Ultra Clean conditions: laminar flow, UV lamps and in-line sterilization of the spouts, offering standard design or customable design. Combining unique inline sterilization and servo technology, the Bossar machines manufacture shaped spouted pouches with an unmatched sealing quality at a speed of 200-240 ppm.
In both cases the filling system is performed by mass flowmeters, which include CIP / SIP cleaning system, alarms datalog, treaceability, post filling in-line checks.

Bossar’s Fillers are suitable for yoghurt, fruit purees, baby food, toppings, beverage applications, puddings, desserts, energy meals and functional foods.



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