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We understand that each customer has its own specific needs and requirements. Our wide range of machinery assures finding the ideal packaging solution. Explore our SIG Pouch Maker Series.

SIG Pouch Maker

SIG Pouch Maker

The ideal solution for producing Pre-Made spouted pouches

SIG Pouch Maker Features.

Excellent quality sealing of pouches


  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Pouch shape possibilities
  • Changeover flexibility


  • Quantity of film waste
  • Total cost of Ownership
  • Energy consumption

Big variety of pouch shapes. The SIG Pouch Maker will enable you to manufacture pouches in many different and iconic shapes.

Vertical sealing group equipped with motorized adjustment for size, through an intuitive touch screen. By so doing, the Sealing jaws temperature can be individually controlled.

Top sealing and cooling groups with 180º folding hinge for easy cleaning. Sealing jaws adjustments are not required during the change of the sealing bars. Removable walking beam allows a fast format change over.

SIG Pouch Maker Technology

Full Servo, Walking beam, Mirror machine

Technology. Full Servo motion

The servo-control system allows independent operation between the different stations.

Transport. Walking Beam

Traditional walking beam transport system consisting of beams and grippers. They hold the pouches and transport them through the diferent stations, from the pouch forming to the pouch closing.

Mirror Machine Option

The machines can be designed in a mirroring position, so that less operators are required to carry out the production.

SIG Pouch Maker Sealing options.

Heat seal, Ultra Sonic, Induction
Heat Seal

Heat Seal

  • Based on electric resistance.
  • Easy engineering, simple maintenance.
Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sonic

  • Based on ultra-sound frequency.
  • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
Induction Seal

Induction Seal

  • Based on electromagnetic resistance.
  • Seal and cool at the same step, enabling packaging for a circular economy.

SIG Pouch Maker Operational drawing.

Pouch making, without filling.
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