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We understand that each customer has its own specific needs and requirements. Our wide range of machinery assures finding the ideal packaging solution. Explore our SIG Carousel System Series.

SIG Carousel System

Designed for big formats and quick change-over

The carousel transport system patented by SIG is the ideal technical solution for heavy and large volume packaging formats. Designed with special focus for solid products. Big format pouches manufactured on the SIG Carousel System usually feature zippers to open-close the packaging.

SIG Carousel System Features.

Big formats, quick change-over

Unique pouch handling system consisting in grippers which hold them throughout the process. The grippers can be adjusted to a new format size in a matter of minutes by means of the HMI touch screen.

Both the pouch positioner and the grippers that hold the pouches during filling and sealing were designed and registered by SIG.

The SIG Carousel System fills and seals pouches within a range of 100 x 150 mm. and 300 x 400 mm. It can reach an outpout of 120 pouches per minute and can fill up to 6 liters of product.

Change of line

Quick format change-over

Big format Pouches

SIG Carousel System Technology

Full Servo motion, Carrousel, Mirror machine

Technology. Full Servo Motion

This smart servo-control system allows independent operation between the different
stations, offers great reliability and little maintenance.

Transport. Carrousel

The carousel transport system patented by SIG is the ideal technical solution for heavy and large volume packaging formats. It consists of mechanical grippers assembled on a linear carrousel with intermittent motion that hold the pouches, keeping its position during the complete filling and sealing process.

Mirror Machine Option

The machines can be designed in a mirroring position, so that less operators are required to carry out the production.

SIG Carousel System Filling options.

Hot Fill, Clean Fill, Ultra Clean, Aseptic
Hot Fill

Hot Fill

Heat processed products.

Clean Fill

Clean Fill

Non-heat processed products.

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean

Products intended for cold-chain distribution.

SIG Carousel System Sealing options.

Heat seal, Ultra Sonic, Induction
Heat Seal

Heat Seal

  • Based on electric resistance.
  • Easy engineering, simple maintenance.
Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sonic

  • Based on ultra-sound frequency.
  • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
Induction Seal

Induction Seal

  • Based on electromagnetic resistance.
  • Seal and cool at the same step, enabling packaging for a circular economy.

SIG Carousel System Operational drawing.

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+ Efficiency

Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines are packaging machines in which filling, and sealing of a package take place on the same machine. Filling occurs through the open-top part of the pouch.

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