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We understand that each customer has its own specific needs and requirements. Our wide range of machinery assures finding the ideal packaging solution. Explore our FSF Series.


Form-seal-Fill, Bag-in-Box

This Form-seal-fill bag-in-box filler brings cost savings on P&L lines, increasing innovation and sustainability.

  • FSF for bag-in-box applications
  • Ideal for alcoholic beverages
  • Allows you to manufacture your own bags with our high-barrier film

FSF Features.

Bag-in-box solution

FSF technology combines a high-performance, flexible and reliable machine with a range of films with excellent mechanical and physical performances and a very high-barrier tap to manufacture and fill more competitive bags with outstanding oxygen barrier performances.

  • On-demand bag making eliminates the need for stocking one or more sku’s of pre-made bags.
  • Completely automatic equipment reduces labor, maintenance and repair costs.
  • Two versions (single or double lines) suits different production volume requirements.
  • Positive-air enclosure equipment keeps contaminants out of both bag making and filling operations.
  • Specially designed cartoning system protects the bags at this critical packaging stage.

FSF Technology


Clean-in-place (CIP) machine cycles are applicable. CIP cycle controlled by filler programming, works in line with your existing CIP system to complete CIP circuit. This is a customer-dependent processes and can be initiated from the CIP screen. Our expert equipment field service technicians can support and maintain this filler for your continued success.

FSF Filling options.

Hot Fill, Clean Fill, Ultra Clean, Aseptic
Hot Fill

Hot Fill

Heat processed products.

Clean Fill

Clean Fill

Non-heat processed products.

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean

Products intended for cold-chain distribution.



Most hygienic and sterile technique for Shelf-stable products that do not need refrigeration.

FSF Sealing options.

Heat seal, Ultra Sonic, Induction
Heat Seal

Heat Seal

  • Based on electric resistance.
  • Easy engineering, simple maintenance.
Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sonic

  • Based on ultra-sound frequency.
  • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
Induction Seal

Induction Seal

  • Based on electromagnetic resistance.
  • Seal and cool at the same step, enabling packaging for a circular economy.

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