HFFS. Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines.

Bossar has the widest range of Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machines in the market. Our machines cover all the applications and are customized to be adapted to our customers’ needs. Besides the traditional mechanical machines, we have the BMS series, the only complete Full Servo series in the market. The design is based on the modular frame construction, composed of three independent modules: unwinder, pouch forming and dosing-sealing. These modules are available in several versions according to the product to be filled. This way we always offer our customers the machines that suit better their requirements.

Pouches/sachets that are made using HFFS technology are less expensive than Pre-made ones.

+ Efficiency

How it works?

Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines are packaging machines in which filling, and sealing of a package take place on the same machine. Filling occurs through the open-top part of the pouch.


Heat Seal

Heat Seal

  • Based on electric resistance.
  • Easy engineering, simple maintenance.
Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sonic

  • Based on ultra-sound frequency.
  • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
Induction Seal

Induction Seal

  • Based on electromagnetic resistance.
  • Seal and cool at the same step, enabling packaging for a circular economy.

Filling Methods.

Hot Fill

Hot Fill

Heat processed products.

Clean Fill

Clean Fill

Non-heat processed products.

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean

Products intended for cold-chain distribution.


The HFFS difference

  • Consistent packing rate.
  • Pouches/sachets that are made using HFFS technology are less expensive than Pre-made ones.
  • It provides increased production rate, reduced number of shifts.
  • Easy and quick to clean-out between production batches.
  • Online film printing provides readable bar code and product info.

Pouches with Zipper.

Pouches with Spouts.

Choose an Iconic design.

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