Innovative developments

Bossar’s R&D department is constantly developing new processes for applications and innovative systems. One of the latest completed projects is comprised of two lines, with two horizontal form, fill and seal machines each, packaging a powder for bone rebuilding. The first HFFS machine doses the powder in a flat pouch and the second machine places the first pouch in another pouch. After this step, the output of both lines is joined in order to go through a sterilization process before reaching a third HFFS machine that places each pouch into a third pouch. The result is a package containing a properly sterilized clinical powder duly protected to avoid any leaks.

The forming of the first pouch is made out of two film rolls of different material. The film enters one in front of the other through the guides and the sealing is ultrasonically since they are non-compatible structures, guaranteeing the perfect performance of the pouch. The dosing is done via an auger filler and the machine is fitted with a dust aspirator and collector to avoid product waste. Through a multi-level grouping system, the pouches go through a conveyor that takes them to the second horizontal form, fill machine in which a funnel drops each pouch into a larger size one. In the exit station the pouches are grouped and transported to a decontamination and sterilization system; after this, the pouches are taken to a third filling machine where the pouches are placed in a new pouch, resulting in a perfectly packaged product and ready to be used in the Operating Room.

Another interesting application developed by Bossar consists in the package of a plastic swab with a sponge containing a liquid that creates a protective layer in the treatment of superficial wounds.

The machine utilized to comply with the customers specifications was a personalized BMK-1400 machine.

With two filling stations, the first one dosing the liquid inside the pouch, the second one introducing the swab in an inverted position, so that the sponge gets in contact and absorbs the liquid for its future use.

The clever swab feeding system consists in a vibrating rotary bowl specially designed for this project, this guarantees the Proper speed and positioning of the swabs, and a lineal vibrator the pushes the swabs to guides, at the end of which a gripper rotates the swab 90° end places it in the pouch. As a safety system, a detection system before the top seal has been design in order to avoid any swab sticking out of the pouch, avoiding damage to the swab by the top seal.

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