Full servo filling machines

Bossar’s BMS Series Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal machine are fully driven by independent servo motors, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity versus traditional mechanical machines, additionally, they offer many more advantages:

  • Easy access to all areas of the machine.
  • Less material and product waste; when the machine is stopped, the pouches that are in the filling area complete the process and are completed and discharged while the rest of the machine is halted.
  • Reduced maintenance since moving part and mechanical elements, which generate wear, have been reduced.
  • Clean machines: the moving areas are free of grease and oil.
  • Quality and ease of working in the most demanding sanitary environments.
  • High level of visual security, control mecanisms during the whole Process and quality assurance on the final product.
  • Sustainability: all the excess energy is placed back on the grid thanks to a feeding source patented system.

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