Fifth full-servo anniversary at pack expo las vegas

Full-servo control implementation on Bossar horizontal form fill and seal machines is the latest state-of-the-art technological development by the Bossar. It has shaken up the packaging market due to the several advantages it offers customers. Bossar plans to bring this technology to its Booth C-2828 in the Central Hall during the Pack Expo exhibition in Las Vegas so that customers can see up close the many benefits of this range of machines:

  • Eco-advantages as low maintenance; low energy consumption; quick format change-over with reduced film waste; ergonomic control systems; easy access to interface, mechanical and electrical assemblies, and no energy loss because the excess energy is sent back to the electrical network.
  • Detectors and sensors for automatic film alignment, auto-correction of vertical and horizontal seal width, correct fitment positioning control, optical fibers to guarantee the perfect opening of the pouch, etc.
  • Touch screens showing 3-D drawings provide performance information in real time.
  • Manufacture of perfectly sealed, no leaking, pre-made quality pouches
  • Higher performance and added value for our customers in comparison with the traditional mechanical machines.

The BMS 2.4 is a full servo driven duplex horizontal form fill and seal machine. It will produce pouches for 90 g. of fruit puree in a stand-up pouch of 85 x 130 x (25+25) mm. with choke proof cap insertion. It performs at a speed of 120-130 ppm and is equipped with 2 flowmeters.

This is an example of Bossar machines customization to meet the unique requirements of customers, creating innovative and special technical solutions adapted to their specifics needs.

Bossar also can help customers by engineering innovative, high-performance and functional packaging solutions to make every pouch to be unique and to stand out among the other products at the shelves by impacting shoppers.

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