Bossar is a well-known and globally recognized brand in the sector of innovative and high quality flexible packaging machinery and is committed to guarantee the highest quality results to today’s customer’s requirements. We strive to offer unrivalled quality total packaging solutions.

Our commitment to Quality is proved by the machines operating at our customer’s facility for 20+ years. We consider Quality not only from the point of view of machines and related services, but also in the constant improvement of the quality which we aim to deliver to our customers. 

Quality Lab.

Our newly opened Quality Lab further enhances our capabilities in studying and analysing packaging. The tests are conducted with a scientific approach in order to obtain all the necessary data and classify it for future applications and developments.

By analysing mechanical properties of the machines, understanding the barrier properties and the behaviour of the materials during the welding process, we develop new recyclable plastic packaging structures.

We adapt our Packaging machines to these new structures, and mostly, study and improve the sealing process of pouches, especially with spouts and zippers. A perfect example how Total Packaging Solutions not only guarantee the best OEE of machinery, the lowest Total cost of ownership of the packaging unit, but also enable customers to develop and choose for Recyclable plastics packaging solutions, and therefore committing to an eco-sustainable economy. Moreover, this beneficial cooperation, has also led to the development of new pouch sealing technologies for different recyclable structures with and without gas and odour barrier, surface printed or laminated.

Our Approach to Quality.

Quality is an integrated value of our organisation and reflected in our approach:

  1. Understanding our customers’ requirements and needs.
  2. Providing the best packaging solutions and services.
  3. Guaranteeing reliable, error-free, and on-time delivery service.
  4. Developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable machines.
  5. Assuming the commitment to comply with legal and other applicable requirements.

At the same time, quality means carrying out these activities in a respectful manner with the environment, its workers, its customers, and the general public; minimizing any negative impact to Bossar-concerned parties.

Quality Management System.

Through the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001, Bossar continuously improves its internal services and provides an excellent service. This is in the interest of effectively increasing our customer’s satisfaction and to fulfill all legal and regulatory requirements for our activity.

In accordance with this policy, we will establish annual targets at all levels, monitoring the degree of compliance of them so that we can ensure that our objectives are met as planned, further strengthening our continuous improvement and the performance of our processes.

Bossar Management recognizes that in order to achieve these objectives, the full participation of all collaborators of the organization is essential, combining their commitment to relentlessly improve their individual work, teamwork and total commitment to the overall objectives of the organization.

Consistent with the responsibility assumed, it provides the necessary resources for the fulfillment of this policy, including its distribution to the persons involved and interest groups.

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