Since our foundation in 1992, exports have represented more than 95% of our business.

The Brands We Serve

Worldwide Presence.

Bossar’s presence across the entire globe is provided by a wide network of offices, representatives and our sister company Scholle IPN. Our global presence enables us to be closer to customers worldwide, offering them technical and commercial assistance. We prioritize providing a higher level of service with a closer and more personalized response for our customer’s needs, as we believe that quality service is an integrated value of Bossar’s offer. The outstanding technological innovations and packaging solutions developed throughout the years, have empowered us to successfully install more than 1,700 packaging machines in 90+ countries.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Bossar operates globally and expands its territory in other continents. In 2017, we inaugurated the establishment of Bossar in Pune, India. This move is in line with our vertical integration approach, as the growth of the business will be supported by the dominant presence of Scholle IPN in the Indian market. The quality of Bossar’s products and services is carefully taken care of and aimed at maintaining the identical high standards our company is well known for.

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