Always anticipating market requirements.

Innovation is Our Company’s Way of Thinking.

Innovation is our company’s way of thinking. Understanding our customers’ needs enables us to timely identify solutions and always anticipate market requirements. We take pride in delivering the highest quality packaging solutions to the market and sustain this effort by heavily investing in our R+D Department. The key to a prosperous partnership resides in the quality and innovation a company is capable of offering. Our team is dedicated to relentlessly improve the design of our machines and developing solutions which results in state-of-the-art machines.

Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal. Our Specialty.

Our Products. Our Pride.

Total Packaging Solutions. Our Uniqueness.

 Benefitting from the partnership with our sister company, Scholle IPN, our R+D Departments globally have joined their forces to optimise the know-how surrounding the flexible packaging industry. This contribution combined with our pre-existing excellence and expertise in packaging machinery, provides the advantage of studying all aspects involved in packaging. This involves expertise on film and fitments which ultimately, empowers us to understand where further improvements and developments in the machines are required. Our comprehensive approach and understanding of packaging solutions culminates in offering high quality innovations.

Driven by innovation, Bossar has endlessly surprised the market over the years with its high-level packaging machines. Throughout the years, many machines, and many different types and concepts of machines have been manufactured by our team. Check out our milestones to learn more about our history! 

Maximize Performance With Flexible Packaging.

Less waste. More Value.

Maximized performance

Maximized performance

due to unrivalled quality engineers

Less raw-material

Less raw-material

and natural resources used during production. Optimized product - to - pack ratio

Less energy

Less energy

required during production and transportation

Less<br />transportation


required, more efficient logistics

Less<br /> food waste

food waste

Prolonged shelf life Flexible and fresh until the last drop

Less<br />waste


before recycling

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