Sealing options.

We have pioneered a revolutionary sealing technology which will empower our customers to choose for sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. Regardless of this, we are glad to offer the more traditional sealing methods, such as Ultrasonic and Heat sealing.

Heat Seal.

The Classical Way
  • Based on electric resistance.
  • Reliable and low cost.
  • Easy engineering.
  • Cooling step is needed.
  • Multiple steps are needed to guarantee sealing quality, increasing the total machine footprint.

Ultrasonic Seal.

Cold Sealing
  • Using high frequency vibrations, it seals the packaging due to molecular vibration within the film.
  • Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination.
  • Significant reduction in packaging material consumption due to:
  • Smaller sealing area.
  • Reduced head space in the pouch.
  • High reproducibility process.
  • Quicker sealing times.
  • Mechanical cutting and sealing in the same step.

Induction Seal.

The Revolutionary Sealing Method
  • Novel sealing system based on heat-generation by electro-magnetic field.
  • Heat and Cooling in one single step:
  • Less stress to the film.
  • Sealing jaws remain closed until film is cold.
  • Continuous motion sealing process.
  • Adjustable to any film structure.
  • Sealing time reduced by 1/3 of the time compared with Heat sealing.
  • Designed for Circular Economy packaging.

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