Our best guarantee: first bossar machines still operating after 24 years.


And it also can overhaul relocated machines and rebuild used machines that have been resold for a different application. We can offer you plenty of different retrofits that can be installed on your Bossar machine. These are some examples of retrofit modules that are available:

  • Corner Valve
  • Top Valve
  • Front Valve
  • Zipper
  • U.V. lamps
  • Laminar flow
  • Automatic splicer
  • Change the dosing systems from solid to liquid or vice versa.
  • Special filling systems in case a new product with different characteristics is filled

Once we receive your request, we carefully analyze its viability and offer the right solution for every case.


As Bossar has been nearly 25 years present in the market, many of the 1,500 machines installed were manufactured long time ago  and need to upgrade parts or groups to improve their efficiency and lower the maintenance costs.  These are only some of the upgrades we can install in your machine:

  • Forming plough with built-in film alignment
  • “0” play rollers
  • Actuators for different mechanical groups
  • Pouch opening
  • Perforators
  • Change the material on the sealers to improve their performance
  • Improved hose systems for sealers longer durability
  • Film compensators to ensure the right position of the sealers
  • Improved corner valve or top valve actuating mechanisms
  • Servo-controlled unwinding system
  • Cut-off blowing system with pump
  • Euro-hole cutting dies, tear notches, new generation round corner devices, etc.

Besides, some of the electronic components in the machines manufactured long ago are not manufactured anymore, and the Siemens, Allen Bradley or Omron control platforms need to be upgraded.  We have in stock the items required to replace the obsolete platform in the shortest time in case your machine brakes down. But it is better to schedule an upgrade before an unplanned failure occurs.

If you need your machine to be retrofitted or upgraded, do not hesitate to contact us.

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