B 3700

The B 3700 HFFS machine is specially designed to fill shredded cheese and powder dairy products, fulfilling the sanitary standards for the dairy industry:  WDA, USDA and UL. And it can pack also non-dairy products that require a packaging machine with sanitary design.

For sanitary requirements, it is fully constructed in stainless steel and titanium, and zipper insertion is an option.

This flexible packaging machine can manufacture flat and stand-up pouches in duplex, fill up to 2.000 cc of product, and reach a speed of 140 pouches per minute.


  • Mechanical

    Mechanical technology consisting of cams.


  • Walking beam

    Traditional walking beam transport system consisting of beams and grippers. They hold the pouches and transport them through the different stations, from the pouch forming to the pouch closing.


  • Clean & ultraclean

    Clean and Ultraclean levels achieved are achieved during packaging by means of laminar flow, U.V. lamps and/or hydrogen peroxide. These applications are required to fill fruit juice, compote, yogurt and dairy products.

  • Mirror machine

    Placing one standard machine in front of the other operating the opposite direction makes operating easier and reduces staff required to control them.

Technical features

Format range (mm) WxH

Volume max.(c.c.) Speed up to(Pouches per minute)
Minimum Gusset Maximum Gusset
FLT-2 140 x 140 - 185 x 380 - 1500 140
STU-2 140 x 140 44 185 x 380 50 2000 110
Technical data B 3700
Transport system Walking beam
Reel diameter 600 mm
Reel width 640 mm
Reel core 76 / 152 mm
Filling stations Up to 2
Machine dimentions (L x W x H) 5260 x 1922 x 2060 mm
Electrical consumption 17 kW
Air consumption 300 l/min
Electrical data 200-480V / 50-60 Hz / N + G / 3Ph (others under request)
PLC ALLEN BRADLEY / SIEMENS (others under request)
Noise level <70 dB
Safety CE Standards

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