Horizontal form fill seal machines

Bossar has the widest range of Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machines in the market. Our machines cover all the applications and are customized to be adapted to our customers’ needs. Besides the traditional mechanical machines, we have the BMS series, the only complete Full Servo series in the market. These machines equipped with full servo technology have some interesting advantages for our customers, like less maintenance, higher production, fewer operators are required. Besides, they are energy efficient because they use the energy surplus produced by the servos when slowing down.

The intermittent HFFS machines from the B series are extremely versatile and capable of manufacturing a wide range of format sizes.

This range of horizontal packaging machines is based on triplex and quadruplex horizontal technology, specialized in filling powder and liquids for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

The Bossar HFFS machines of the BMK series meet the majority of flexible packaging requirements for food, beverages, cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

The GMB series offers the ideal technical solution to fill heavy and large volume formats: the GMB pouch transport system, a unique technology in the horizontal form fill and seal machines for flexible pouches.

The BMS machines use state-of-the-art technology and are servo-controlled.

Full servo carousel machine to fill and seal pre-made pouches. Pouch feeding by means of a pouch carousel cassette system.

The BVH is an innovative and revolutionary technical solution to HFFS medium volume Quattro Seal bags, with or without block bottom, and optional top spout insertion. The machine designed and patented by Bossar is a combination of vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machine technologies.

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