Filling options.

Each product requires a specific filling technology. Ultraclean, ambient and hot-fill; we have it all.

Hot Fill.

High-acid products

Hot-fill processing fills heated, commercially sterile product in non-sterile packaging.The product is held for a predetermined time and temperature to sterilize the packaging prior to the filling process. The longer hold time at high temperatures reduces quality of the product. Only high-acid products can be hot-filled and held at ambient temperatures without refrigeration.

Clean Fill.

Cold-chain Solution

The ambient fill method uses cold to kill bacteria. The food also remains cool until it is time to fill the containers. Cold filling is popular because it does not require the use preservatives or other food additives to protect food. Cold filling is used for packing food products that have dairy as a main ingredient. Therefore, any food that has milk or cream as its base is suitable for the cold filling process.

Ultra Clean.

Cold-chain Solution, high sterility

Ultra clean levels are achieved in packaging by means of laminar flow, U.V. lamps and/or hydrogen peroxide. Essentially to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products. These applications are required to fill fruit juice, compote, yogurt and dairy products intended for the Cold-chain distribution.

Environmental impact.

Aseptic technology expands potential for fresh products by freeing you from the cost, logistics, and energy restraints of cold chain. Provide preservative-free products that stay fresh up to 12 months on the shelf—no refrigeration needed. By utilizing aseptic packaging technology, you can reduce your reliance on cold chain logistics and decrease your energy consumption by up to 70%.

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