Innovation is what makes BOSSAR a world leader.


Horizontal full servo carousel pouch machine BCS model to form, fill and seal pouches with an automatic adjustment system to change formats.

Automatic rail loading device. Approx. 50 pouch / rail


On the 30th of June, 2016, TSAL Holding (Netherlands) acquired Bossar Packaging S.A. (Spain).
TSAL Holding does not own Bossar USA nor Bossar S.L, as those entities are not part of the company Bossar Packaging S.A.

Film  compensator system to adjust the width of the vertical sealing. Guaranteeing the same width in all the pouches thanks to an automatic control of the film´s position by means of vertical sealers that correct possible linear deviations in spots along the length of the reel. This system also allows us to move the vertical sealers in a controlled manner from the display. With a simple step, we can move all the vertical sealers, minimizing the time of adjustment of the jaws to a few seconds. Patented by Bossar.


Placement of premade pouches: A Standard accessory guaranteeing the perfect position of the premade pouches in the machine, allowing for the pouch to be positioned in the center of the station, furthermore achieving a perfect top parallel sealing thanks to the completely straightened pouch when leaving the positioner. System Patented by Bossar.

First vertical-horizontal BVH Quattro-Seal pouch machine with top valve.

Presentation at Interpack of the BCS carousel machine for filling and sealing premade pouches.


Special execution: BMK 2000 with 4 film unwinders + label, zipper and valve applicators + total shape.


“Mirror” modular machine operating in the opposite direction to standard machines


Presentation at Interpack of the new range of horizontal machines BMS full servo.


New machine BMK 3300 triplex to produce stand up pouches.

Installation of the first aseptic flexible packaging machine, the ASEPTIS A300.


Design and manufacture of the BMK, first horizontal modular machine in the market.


Development of the BLV 3000 STU/3 for high speed liquid filling, protective liner and screw on closure cap.


BR 2600 HFFS machine for retort pouches produced from reel.


First Company to manufacture a triplex HFFS machine for production of 3 sachets per cycle (BL 3000).


Building enlargement.


Moving to the new premises in Barbera del Vallès.

Patenting the GMB carousel system for pouch transport.


Design of the B 2700 Quattro, the first quadruplex horizontal packaging machine

New high speed GMB 4000 PMP/4 to fill beverages in pre-made pouches


Design of the first HFFS machine for packaging coffee in a total shaped stand up pouch.


First PMP machine with walking beam.

New B2500 STU to produce stand up pouches with spout.


Design of the B 2000 STU/D, the first HFFS machine for duplex Stand up pouches in the market.


Foundation of Bossar.

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